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FOEM Blog Sunday, 21 October, 2018

Off Land – Selected Works 06-09

Selected Works 06-09

Off Land – Selected Works 06-09

16 past works including a few rare and previously unreleased tracks. Free for the first 500 downloads!

“These pieces were hand-picked to showcase some of my favorite tracks from the various Off Land netlabel releases put out in the past. This two disc compilation of work finished during a four year window pulls from output that spans two recording cycles. The first recording cycle unintentionally started in 2001 but didn’t officially start until 2004 when Off Land formed. This recording cycle which lasted between four to seven years finished in 2007 with “Encounter Point”. The second recording cycle which ultimately produced the full length album “Blue Narration” (Enpeg) was much shorter, only spanning the length of three years. This release includes two previously unreleased compositions. For the first time all of these tracks can be listened to in the lossless audio format of your choice.”

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