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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

[PS016] digitube – Sndtracks for Media/Soundtracks for Life

PS016 Cover

Release Summary

| Release Lenght: 00:55:28h | 10 tracks available in Flac (Zip 310MB) and MP3 (Zip 122Mb) |

| Individual MP3 files available here |

| Art by Fernando Mateus |Release Enconding and Post Production Jordi Urriaque |

Release Details
[PS016] digitube – Sndtracks for Media/Soundtracks for Life brings the work of Scott LaChance back to PublicSpaces Lab, after one of his tracks being featured on PS010.

Scott LaChance brings a fine and detailed ambient EP that calls for a careful listening to be repeated over and over again. Our general opinion is that this is that kind of EP that you take with you, to listen while traveling but also when reading back: These are indeed pieces of the soundtrack of our lives.

Released under a CC License 3.0 [by-nc-nd] by PublicSpaces Lab

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