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FOEM Blog Sunday, 21 October, 2018

[RB007] The Cherry Blues Project – El Viaje Revisited Vol. 2

The second part of “El Viaje Revisited” is online!
The Cherry Blues Project - El Viaje Revisited Vol. 2

The Cherry Blues Project – El Viaje Revisited Vol. 2

The sources of this album are from the album “El Viaje Mistico” (The Mystical Journey), originally released in 2001. The sounds of “El Viaje” are, essentially, field recordings from a journey by train in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For “El Viaje Revisited” we selected fragments and sections from those recordings and we remixed them to obtain new tracks and mixes.

We think that “El Viaje Revisited” is a soundscape. A simple journey by train.

We are very satisfied with the results, because we believe that the originals recordings have been improved in this album. We worked on this albums for four months.

This is the second part of the album, which has more parts of “Incidental Travel”, “Station”, “Meditaciones” (Meditations) and “Yendo a Casa” (Going Home) that appeared in Vol. I. We feel that Vol. II has a more “progressive” feel than Vol. I.

To sum up, the results of the remixes we made with sounds of “El Viaje” are these:
* Two Full Albums:
El Viaje Revisited, Vol. 1 / El Viaje Revisited Vol. 2

* Three EP’s:
Station / Walkin’ Again / …But Now It’s Back Again

* Four Singles:
Station Pt. 1 / Station Pt. 2 / Station Pt. 3 / Babies

We are planning to make some videos (videoart) for some of the tracks.

1. Meditaciones, Pt. 3
2. Station, Pt. 2
3. Journey, Pt. 2
4. Incidental Travel, Pt. 1
5. ¿Qué Puedes Ver Desde tu Ventana?
6. Incidental Travel, Pt. 2
7. Walkin’ Again [Edit]
8. Station, Pt. 3
9. Travel Mix, Pts. 1, 2 & 3
10. Yendo a Casa, Pt. 2

For more informations:

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