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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

[RB014] Braille – Sustain Remixed

Braille – Sustain Remixed

The third release on Resting Bell was the fantastic 4 Track-EP “Sustain” from Braille. Braille send those pieces to four excellent artists for a remix. And here are the results.

“Sustain” is remixed by OCOSI. Massive delays and repetitive elements are bound together to a great experience in sound.

“No More Trains”, remix done by Nanako, gets even more dense and more layered as the original. A real monument.

“This Sickness” is remixed by Tatu Virtamo and begins very complex, but ends up in a clear almost natural environment.

The Remix “Ian” is done by Default Settings, who brings out the melodic elements of the original and assembles it to a multi-layered miniature.

1. Sustain (OCOSI Remix)
2. No More Trains (Nanako Remix)
3. This Sickness (Tatu Virtamo Remix)
4. Ian (Default Settings Remix)

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