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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

[RB018] Ian D Hawgood – Spiral Into Somewhere

Ian D Hawgood – Spiral Into Somewhere

“I close my eyes, earmuffs blocking out the city noise. I have known sadness and I have known hate. I have stared at the darkness and it has just stared right back, knowing a compatriot. I close my eyes a little tighter and start feeling my way blindly back.”
Ian D Hawgood

Compared with it’s predecessor “The Fire Will Die At Night” Ian’s new EP comes with a lighter, less dense atmosphere. Soft piano-spots, little melodies from far away and sometimes slightly moving beats find their way to your ear and to your heart. Shifting you back to childhood, when you could enjoy things light-hearted, they flowed to you without any struggle.

Just keep on Spiralling Into Somewhere.

1. How To Be A Child And Win The War
2. Earmuffs Blocking Out The City Noise
3. I Have Stared At The Darkness, And It Has Stared Right Back
4. Feeling My Way Blindly Back Home

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