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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

[RB022] Lost Lanterns – Polar Living

Lost Lanterns – Polar Living

Lost Lanterns is the project of Ian Hawgood and Ben Jones. Both met at university and worked together in different bands, now teamed up to work alone on their music using live instrumentation, field recordings and computers.

The first result of their work is “Polar Living”, a 60-minute long, very atmospheric release with six tracks. It’s a gentle combination of deep melodic keyboard elements with field recordings (made entirely in the UK countryside during autumn/winter time). Warm keyboard drones are packing you in a safe cocoon, while the field recording-snippets have something mysterious and unknown.

It’s “ambient” in it’s best way. The pieces create their own room in your head while listening to them.

1. Echoes Of Love Remain
2. Escape From Nothing
3. Home Distortion
4. Polar Living
5. Quiet Stellar
6. Seed Of Plant

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