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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

[RB027] The Love Songs – Live in Dresden

The Love Songs – Live in Dresden

The Love Songs is the amazing one man arkestra Sven Swift. Swift lives in the North of Germany, runs the CDR- and Netlabel and writes reviews about free music at Phlow Magazine and his own blog

In June 2007, Sven performed a 25-minutes live-set at the DIY 2.0 festival in Dresden. The whole set consists of one well-structured, tension-filled piece of drone music, created with analogue synthesizers and effect-feedback only (an exception is the little nightingale-chant framing the performance). The complete recording is naturally placed atop the sound of the audience and city underneath, people chatting around, an ambulance passing the venue. It was Alexander Peterhaensel who carefully recorded all of this.

Listening to his recording will engage you with the enormous dynamics and ornamental structures of Sven’s composition. It starts with the solely song of a nightingale, very soft and quiet. After a little while there are the first background-noises more harsh, combined with harmonic keyboard-patterns. These soft patterns are raising to a deep and warm drone-blanket, sometimes disturbed by sharp noises and feedback. All this ebbs away in the end, as you hear the nightingale sing again.

Put on your headphones and take a time-warp back to a warm Summer’s day in 2007…

1. Nachtegall I (Ascensus)
2. Nachtegall II (Excelsus)
3. Nachtegall III (Sublimis)
4. Nachtegall IV (Descensus)

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