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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

[RB044] Venus Vulture – Signal Artifacts

Venus Vulture – Signal Artifacts

On his last Resting Bell-release “phantomshadows” Sean Monaghan aka Venus Vulture presented 4 abstract and beautiful ambient pieces with wide soundscapes and melodic patterns. His new release “Signal Artifacts” goes in a slightly different direction.

“Signal Artifacts” contains six very reduced and quiet pieces. Signal tones, glitches and noises are flying around. A hushed sound-pattern comes up and fades away. All tracks have some sort of droning fundament, sometimes really quiet or slowly envolving but the pieces have a aged feeling. Dusty, fragmental and coming from a very long travel from a very distant place.

The release includes twelve additional cover-pictures (Feel free to choose them for the individual tracks) and a video of “Radio artifacts – 18 June 2008″.

1. Radio artifacts – 18 June 2008
2. Beta Cassiopeiae [Caph] 15 December 2007
3. Radio message – 22 January 2007
4. Signal resolutions – 11 August 2008
5. Radio artifacts 3-31-454
6. Very quiet signal 25 1 7 805899

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