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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

[RB087] Guanxi – Graveyard Shift

Guanxi – Graveyard Shift

Guanxi - Graveyard Shift

The Guanxi pseudonym is orchestraed towards ‘a sui generi sound’ through research, investigation and with a hunger to explore a constructed visual and non-subjective disposition.

“Graveyard Shift” contains 5 pieces of complex and playful sounds from guitar, piano, bells, strings, flute, vocals, field recordings and electronics. Some of the pieces have a noisy and harsh character of a musical sketches, others operate with droning elements and a more calm ambience. And some combine both things. If you want to find a category for this, forget it.

For me the most precise analogy would be the sound world of a modern metropolis. You can hear layer over layer of multiple elements which are structured and arranged into a current impression. But it is constantly changing and moving. With every listen you get a different layer of “Graveyard Shift”. One time it seems to be a loud and unorganised cluster of tones, the next time you hear a reduced and humming melody, hidden under other elements before. Be curious and adventurous, you will be surprised.

01. Violin
02. Sea Cucumber
03. Coral Lanterns
04. Sword Lily
05. Lavender Hugs

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