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FOEM Blog Sunday, 18 November, 2018

[RB098] Saito Koji – Luck

RB098 - Saito Koji - Luck

Saito Koji – Luck

I think Saito Koji needs only little introduction. Besides his three former Resting Bell-releases, he released his work on labels like Kokeshidisk, Somehow Recordings, SEM, taĆ¢lem, Magic Book Records, Kesh Recordings and Gears of Sand Recordings.

His new Resting Bell-release “Luck” consists of three tracks with a total duration of 48 minutes. The first track “Old Tape Magic” starts off with a beautiful 20-minute long drone. Beautiful, bright and shimmering. The short middle piece “Count” is a more rhythmic and pulsative interlude, followed by another 20-minute piece called “Luck” which has a much more melodic and lucid quality. Saito Koji continues to produce simply wonderful, meditative music with a warm and soft feeling in which you can get lost every time you listen.

As I can say for all of Saito’s releases: My recommendation is to put up your headphones, close your eyes and relax.

1. Old Tape Magic
2. Count
3. Luck

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