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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

[RC047] Leonardo Rosado – Soaking Wet

Leonardo Rosado - Soaking Wet

Leonardo Rosado’s main musical focus explores the collision between sound, poetry and everyday life by using automatic expressions what he likes to call – word/soundscapes. The construction of his music pieces expose daily life happenings that are individual and at the same time universal: it has a strong sense of suggesting a pause to think about our actions and our surroundings. Words and sounds have different meanings, depending on the listener, but only if s/he takes some time to delve into the complexity of his or her own stimuli.

Taken from the Opaque Glitter sessions the ep Soaking Wet is a short story of lovers missing encounters, living in cheap hotels and empty coffee houses, on a wet rainy day.

Soaking wet
With arms like thin branches
Wide open to the sky
Until everything washed away
In the distance

Waiting for you to pass by
At exactly the same time and same place
Saying numb goodbyes
Over and over
At the same cafes and the same vacant hotels

To date Leonardo has released the Dream on ep on Audiogourmet, Opaque Glitter on FeedbackLoop and the Dear and Unfamiliar collaboration with birds of passage on Denovali.

Released 23/12/11

Photography by Leonardo Rosado

Download Here:

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