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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

[RRR074] Dr. Mercy & The Acronyms of Disaster – Ideas for Songs

RRR074 -

When an artist writes a track-by-track account of each song on an album, then it sure makes my life a little easier! This is the album – in the words of the creator.

01. Bangs: This is just a stage-setter. Weird sounds guitar sounds.
02. The Estimation: Kind of sounds like “The Time You Were Lost” from the Indian Summer EP, mostly because I used the same mellotron emulator. But, it’s different. Short and sweet, like a lot of songs on this record.
03. Letters From Athens: This is probably my favorite song on here. The bed of synths was pretty much an accident, but it sounds so sweet. I just threw some guitar strumming on top and there we go. No big leads or anything, I tried it and it kind of ruined the delicate feel this song’s got going on
04. You’re Getting Older: I love the big beat on the second half of this song. I tried to experiment with the different percussion sounds I could get on this record and this is the best result of such experimenting. The first part of the riff is stolen from a Spacemen 3 song, but it changes. The second part is a riff I’ve had for while but never worked into anything. So here it is.
05.Underwater: This is a song from the winter, or the Indian Summer sessions. It was originally like 5 minutes long and pretty boring because it didn’t really deviate from what goes on during its now just-over-a-minute runtime. But it’s cool now. Some backwards guitar, sounds slick.
06. The Thin Man: So, this song was a complete accident. Little did I know, my laptop has little a little microphone built into it, and I hit record thinking I was plugged in, but I wasn’t…and I don’t know exactly, but it turned out pretty nifty. I added the synth to flesh it out a bit more, and it still sounds pretty thin compared to the rest of the stuff here, but it’s got a bouncy feel that I dig a whole lot.
07. Free Matches: Another one of the best songs here. I think this thing turned out awesome. More in the style than some of the louder tracks from the first record, but it’s not as harsh and it’s a bit more…uh, anthemic? Despite the lack of words. It’s awesome though.
08. The End Of Something: The second half of this was originally another longer piece that I cut down, but I decided to add some quiet guitar noodling at the beginning. Really, the second half is one of my favorite things I’ve done. It’s almost dance-y. Really cool track.
09. The King Of Trees And Birds: This was the first song I record for this record, and it feels more like something from the first record I think, but it’s still awesome. This actually originated about 2 weeks ago when me and my buddies were tripping, jamming on our acoustics. One of them came up with the little riff that it’s based around, and me and my other buddy just messed around over it. Hence, the triple writing credits.So, I tried to recreate that here, even though it sounds absolutely nothing like what was produced by the three of us a week or two ago.
10. They’re Crashing: This was the product of almost pure improvisation.
Possibly the weakest track here, but it’s still worthwhile, I think. It’s got kind of a Galaxie 500 thing going during the beginning.
11. Song in The Room: The main guitar part was something I’ve had in my head for a long time, and tried to record numerous times. Finally think I got it right this time. I used the same microphone that “The Thin Man” was recorded on, so it sounds similar. Pretty cool track, I think I got the lead guitar to sound pretty nifty with some tinkering.
12. Day In Bed: Contended for my favorite track on the record. This was the last song I recorded, and it turned out marvelously. The climax is nasty, and it was pretty obvious when I finished it that it’d be the closer.


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