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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

[RRR081] Dublin Duck Dispensary – Luanqibazao

Dublin Duck Dispensary - Luanqibazao

With their scratchy guitars, and synths. The Islands-tinged, Dublin Duck Dispensary return to Rack & Ruin, with their new album – catchily entitled, Luanqibazao, something that I have mistyped more times than I have typed correctly. Thanks for the learning experience guys!

On to the music. As already mentioned, for fans of Canadian pop band, Islands, the sounds produced by the Dublin guys will be welcoming to your ears. Throw together some ridiculously catchy guitar riffs, then add in some synths, and lastly add the self assured vocals, and out comes Lunaqibazao.

Dublin Duck Dispensary are a band who do not mess around. On more than one occasion, it is a case of verse, chorus, embed into your head, Fin. It sounds a simple method, but I’m not sure many well established bands could create an anthemic song in little over a minute. That is not to say that these short bursts, are all that these lo-fi lads can come up with. The longest track on this album weighs in at 3:37, “The Death Threat”, and to many it may well be the standout. As with an earlier track “Break a Leg”, it plows along in one direction, and then takes an unexpected turn, to end the song in a more unexpected fashion.

I’m not sure how many more people will learn how to spell Luanqibazao from this release, but one thing I am sure of, is that many more people will be looking out for the Dublin Duck Dispensary moniker in future.

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