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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

[RRR088] Roger Haddad – Warmth Drip

Roger Haddad - Warmth Drip

Roger Haddad’s Rack & Ruin releases have been as varied as night is to day. From harsh abstract noise, to calm warm ambience, throw in a glorious collaboration, and you have a strong back catalogue for willing ears.

Warmth Drip, as the title suggests, is more inclined towards the lighter side of his sound spectrum. Recorded in June 2008, this release is a live improvisation using guitar and hardware electronics, coming together in a 4-track mini disk recorder.

A soothing calm for headphone users everywhere.

1. Warmth and Time (6:57)
2. Temper Float (4:36)
3. Lily of the Valley (4:17)

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