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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

[RRR095] Jason the Swamp – Jason the Swamp

Jason the Swamp - S/T

After a brief review on the popular blog, You Aint No Picasso, the interest in Jason the Swamps slow beats, lazy strumming, and lo-fi ethics seemed to grow overnight. With its spacious layers, the self titled album expands on what came before, with spectacular results.

The album willingly glides through Panda Bear pop with plinky plonk keyboard arrangements, to tunes that wouldn’t look out of place on a Paul Simon record, all that is missing is the African choir. Although, with the layers upon layers, you often get the feel that they are actually present!

This self titled release also features Robby Massey (dessktop) supplying xylophone at the end of I Can Live Again, and Jessi Lively sings backing vocals on the gorgeous final track, There Was Light, which helps crystalise Jason the Swamps position, as producing some of the finest lo-fi pop around.

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