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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

[RRR118] starstarstar – Electric Goose and the Nylon Moose

starstarstar - Electric Goose and the Nylon Moose

starstarstar formerly ***, formerly Ringo Star (I assure you this will be the last time I will mention this) were listed by one netlabel review site as producing one of the top ten releases of last year. This sophomore album may have had a weight of expectation on its proverbial shoulders, but the three members make it seem like a breeze.

With what they describe as an album which oozes, “electronic environmentally influenced sound”. When asked to describe the new release further, the cryptic response was:

“well, the high tide
when i was young the ocean
breathed into me
salty from an ancient body
left like lipstick on the neck of driftwood beeches
and we learned to love like the tide loves
to be counted on because we are
bound by stellar spells
the spell’s strength is our strength
i will be enchanted, remain
transfixed by the moon,
tied by love
to this shore
this is how songs begin
and how stories begin”

There are many artists in this world who make sound seem effortless, simply because they are lacking in effort. Starstarstar’s new album sounds effortless, because these guys are just really good at putting together beautiful songs.

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