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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

[RRR124] Dublin Duck Dispensary – Yykes Basket

Dublin Duck Dispensary - Yykes Basket

The ease of writing about a more established, and popular artist is the fact that you can rehash what other more talented writers have to say. What makes this even more easier is if the said item has already been widely reviewed!

Yykes Basket has been available on mini-CD for quite some time now, and already it has been receiving the praise which Bobby must be becoming accustomed to.

Whereas I could go into detail about why this release is indeed special, why this artist is indeed special, and why you should have already bought/downloaded this. I won’t. I’ll use the resources at hand, and thank those who can put things into words better than myself:

“Like its ambiguous title, Yykes Basket is a strange, beguiling little cornucopia of styles and flourishes. Aherne uses his lyrics as opportunities for the poetic and absurd, with the more memorable lines “Why would I walk when I got a hot air balloon?” and “I think King Midas must have sexually abused you when you were younger”. But even the most wilfully odd moments are delivered with such confidence it’s hard for them not to make sense” – Totally Dublin

“Yykes Basket, his seventh release, is an odd mix of electronic and dirty folk with a significantly lo-fi feel.” – AU (Alternative Ulster)

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