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FOEM Blog Friday, 16 November, 2018

[RRR156] Zgress – In The Labaratory of a Nationally Known Scientist

ZGress - In the labaratory of a nationally known scientist

Writing a review to “In the Labratory of a Nationally Known Scientist” is perhaps one of the trickiest things that I’ve had to do in my time at Rack & Ruin records. Jotting down notes to try and describe the music I have come up with “Mort Garson type moog music”, “Cher”, “James Bond movie theme”, “80s style Debbie Gibson intro”, “Lounge Music that Simon Cowell would probably say he hated”, and “The Brat Pack movie theme catalogue”. Individually these snippets probably write the review more than fully composed sentences ever could.

Zach Gresser is someone who certainly does not seem to conform to current movements, and is one who frankly will never follow the crowds of fashion – intent on doing what he does. Experimental pop? Straight-up pop? or just simply glorious Cher-moog-bond-themes? I’ll let you decide on that.

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