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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

[RRR180] T Bear – The Nature of the Bear

T Bear - The Nature of the Bear

T Bear kindly supplied his own personal thoughts on “The Nature of the Bear”, the long awaited follow up to last years “The Hibernation”.

“On this album, I really explored the ways in which I could use my voice, whether it be with harmonies, layering many voice tracks over each other, the use of autotune, or bending the pitch up or down after it was recorded. Often, lyrics were either improvised or written at the very end of the recording process. In other words, I definitely wrote the lyrics around the song, as opposed to the song around the lyrics. As far as the instruments go, I borrowed a bass guitar from a friend, and there is the occasional electric guitar, but I still primarily use synthesizers for my melodies, as well as distorted, pitch bent acoustic guitar loops.

Yes, my sound is still all over the place. There are some cheesy synth pop moments, occasional Animal Collective-like screaming, slow and spacey ambient tracks, and even a hint of French! Nevertheless, I feel that I have delivered a cleaner, more detailed, and more focused product this time around.”

We can only echo most of what has been said above, although despite the uncertainty in his final paragraph, this is a dynamic and enjoyable voyage though T Bear’s expressive and fun soundscapes.

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