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FOEM Blog Friday, 16 November, 2018

[RRR186] Laika’s Child – The Great Sacremento Fire

Laika's Child - The Great Sacremento Fire

The bad news first, this Ep is most likely going to be the last solo effort of Laika’s Child, as London has joined forces with Californian shoegazers “Life in 24 frames” as their new keyboardist.

Now onto the better news. “The Great Sacremento Fire”, shows a real blend of where Laika’s Child have gone in the past couple of years. London was aiming for a more ‘grown up sound’, and it is a joy that this growing experience can be shared by us all.

One thing Laika’s Child aren’t, and now perhaps never will be, is a “singles band”, when trying to choose a track which showcases the new EP it was not an easy task. All five tracks have real beauty within, but the true beauty lies when listening to them in order – tracks merge, grow, and build in memorable ways.

If this is indeed Laika’s Childs final farewell, then I’m sure in will leave London will be no regrets.

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