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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

[RRR189] TASRU – Obnoxious EP

Tropical Australian Stinger Research Unit – Obnoxious EP

Tropical Australian Stinger Research Unit - Obnoxious EP

This is described by Thom Grathwol (TASRU) as, “more of a complimentary mini-album, outtakes, b-sides, and white-boy rap versions of tracks from El Capitan Del Sol.”

To be fair, the description is very understated. The production, quality, depth, class and style, that you have come to love from previous TASRU releases is all here, and it does stand up very well in his illustrious catalogue.

As Thom suggested earlier, this album does feature many friends on the tracks, “FL Grateful Dead Poster”, features DJ Martanyo, aka Martin Burgdoff, a college friend from Carthage College.

“Last night a discman saved my life”, is the soundtrack to a short film, which was a Campusmoviefest winner from De Paul University. It features Dawg Tooth aka D Pwnz on guest vocals, who also features on the excellent “Bourgeouis Pigg”.

In summary, this may be a collection of outtakes to Thom, but to many it will be a fascinating look into the other projects that Thom has worked on.

Download album here
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