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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

[RRR192] Local Living Guy – Michael Foot

Local Living Guy - Michael Foot

Edinburgh via Galway, Local Living Guy, released this EP earlier in the year on International Jerk Records, and it now finds it’s way on to the world wide web. That’s quite some trekking for someone with that moniker!

“Michael Foot”, the warmly regarded former Labour leader was well respected and loved in certain circles, and I’m sure the breakneck riffs and ferocious drumming contained on this EP will be as warmly loved (albeit in different circles I would imagine)!

After the instrumental opening title track, the EP rips into Trankton Paragraph, which has a Brassneck era Weddoes ring to it, a two minutes long it is in your face, barking the lyrics, before storming straight into the following track.

This EP is fast, fun, and I’m sure an instant Rack & Ruin favourite.

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