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FOEM Blog Thursday, 18 October, 2018

[rwclub014] Armed – Destilado de nuestra imaginación

Rawmatroid Buffet Service

Some things are more complex than they seem at first glance, and to fully explain them it is sometimes difficult, therefore, far better to explain them in parts. Armed still had fantasy to distil and proof of that is this “Destilado de Nuestra Imaginación”, homogeneous extension of the first concept “Mi Cabeza Está Llena de Fantasía”.

Cyberdelian Symphony of Ages“ opens this LP as a look back over the years of the Andalusian producer. Cyberdelic psychedelia in breaks mode, always marking a personal melodic load.

South Nocum“ is one of those songs that emerge from a few simple chords on a night of insomnia and does not get completed until, after more than a year and many mutations, founds its final form and ends becoming one of the strongest convictions of the author. Emotional notes accompanying the rythms that introduce them until melodic pads raise the song.

SDMV“ begins without hiding anything of what may happen later; forcefulness and depth for the third original track, where different sonorous textures are mixed, meaning the Armed version of what might be mental techno, dance for thought.

With “Legendary Song” ends the first part of the album and is presented under the label of I.D.M., electronic or neotrance, the taste that makes this track is certainly special.

Biconnection are the authors of the beginning of the second part of “Mi Cabeza Está Llena de Fantasía“. His arpeggios and translations of the original melodies made their unmistakable style also ??in this version.

Frances Lerouge gives us a more focused on the dance floor track in his “Bicos & Apertas Mix” of “South Nocum”, a relaxed and beautiful tune, which also contributes with its two cents in the variety of styles of the LP.

David Inexacte debuts in Rawmatroid with a reinterpretation of “SDMV”, with a personal set of reverbs in percussions travelling on multiple depths hand in hand with slowed melodies creating it’s own soundscape and wonderfully deep.

Lefrenk take charge of placing an end to this reference, preserving the ideas and feelings of original “Legendary Song“, and adding forcefulness, rhythm and his fine identity to the mix.

This is our way to present you this new netlabel LP, our 14th release in Rawmatroid Club, a work full of personality, emotion and painted with a variety of colors through the vision of 5 different artists.

Cyberdelian Symfony Of Ages (Original Mix)
South Nocum (Original Mix)
SDMV (Original Mix)
Legendary Song (Original Mix)
Cyberdelian Symphony Of Ages (Biconnection Remix)
South Nocum (Frances Lerouge’s Bicos & Apertas Mix)
SDMV (David Inexacte Remix)
Legendary Song (Lefrenk Remix)

Download (320 cbr mp3)

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