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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

[SERN 29] [neuma] – Tobi ishi


[neuma] - Tobi ishi

“Tobi Ishi” woven from head to toe in the most delicate sound loom, offers countless subtly found objects in previously unexplored places of the city inhabited by [neuma]. Subtle adventures that pass unnoticed by the brief dwellers of the 21st century, like a silent encounter with Lucrecia on track #5 or a shy chant of hope and long sunny walks, mark the path of this beautiful record.

01.. 029 (tiny song) revised
02.. 187 (candlelight)
03.. 219 (efecto placebo)
04.. 166 (adding some nitrates)
05.. Lovenest (feat lucrecia)
06.. 127 (good manners)
07.. 180 (ridoir)

download zip file


Recorded in Medellin-Colombia
Coverart: Nomás

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