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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 11 December, 2018

[SMV005] spontanMusik – Keinzweiter – From Detroit To Mainz (now free!!)

SMV005 Keinzweiter – From Detroit To Mainz


Based on a simple fieldrecording sampled in the streets of Detroit, a bass- and a chordsample, Keinzweiter made these two simple and soulful recordings. A moody mixture of classic Detroitsound, Minimalhouse and NuJazz. Maybe this isn`t the sound you`re awaiting from Keinzweiter who is known as a minimal surrealist sharping the knifes with his strange basslines, tight cuts and breaks. This music shows his soulful and melodic site. Check also out the complete remixrelease with 11 Reworks from well known artists around the globe which you can get for free.

*Keinzweiter – from detroit to mainz soulmix
*Keinzweiter – from detroit to mainz

Prelisten and Download here

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