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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

[TKBNET035] Ralph Prollé – Gradient EP

Ralph Prollé
Gradient EP

Release-ID.: TKBNET 035
Media: free digital download – 320kb
Releasedate: 23.08.2012
Style: House, Electronic
Artistside: Ralph Prollé
Cover: Ralph Prollé
Lizenz: CC-Lizenz


Mumbai, Bucharest, Bremen – former Head of De:Bug mag Ralph Prollé turned his back to the usual Hotspots and travelled off the grid scenes. He sold his Technics and VInyls, getting rid of some dead weight, clearing space for new sounds and ideas. Why the outcome sounds oldschool now, without any artificial retro flavor – just because it never stopped to sound great.

Ralph is seeking weird input in many places, beating out what he finds into Live Sets that knock over attitudes as happily as a NY Stonewall Disco Riot.

01 Bitterluft 7:02 min
02. Moderne 9:09 min
03. Schuldisco 5:09 min
04. Prozac 6:21 min



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