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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

[] :: P_SH “Changed Weather Melodies”

P_SH “Changed Weather Melodies”

I first explored P_SH with his EP’s on Tru Type Sounds net-label – “Herret EP” was a good signal to keep an eye on this guy, and his second mini-album “Ll & Pii” was no disappointment – very enjoyable, and a great source of inspiration; shortly after, I was introduced to Vasya and he gave us a great demo called “Piece of Overloads” for top-… Unfortunately, we never had a chance to release it – not that we didn’t like it, no, it simply never happens.

Long story short – recently P_SH sent us his brand-new album, and it’s terrific! He really pushes the limits of his own creativity, and goes far beyond any possible definitions for this genre. What a fine piece of musical art to share with each one of you. And we’re delighted to do so.

Flowing, soft, tender, delicate, undoubtedly refreshing gentle ambient, cozy glitch soundscapes, naive piano pieces, beautiful and sublime abstract scenes. Try it, enjoy, left aside all your worries and preconceptions…

MP3, FLAC or streaming available

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