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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

WeirdAndWired00019 – Helico Bacter – Held



Like walking through a busy small town, watching people doing whatever they do. Do you know those moments, when everything and everyone suddenly looks meaningful and interesting? In this case, this moment lasts 34 minutes, with lots of piano-sound, complex beats, modestly shining melodies and samples which fit in so perfectly like the distinguished gentleman with the calm voice, asking you for the way, when you have the time and knowledge to answer that question. There is a specific peak at „The Ever-Green-T-Shirt“. The perfect tune to skip and jump with your favouite person (ideal case: your alter ego) on a sunday afternoon on your bed. Or a dewy lawn, or a dirty clubfloor….Whatever! Do not download it and the thought, that you’ve missed out something great will haunt you fort the rest of your life! Seriously. Erm, well, so, yeah: we do highly recommend this. Like: seriously! Also recommended: to put „held“ on a tape. Success guaranteed, whatever the occasion for the tape was. The man behind this really good record (actually, that would be a sufficient description, everything else is just inappropriate, but fun. But most inappropriate things are fun, right?) even offers a beautiful and sad video for „Held“ which you can watch here. What’s up with the tiger in the end? Any ideas?

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