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FOEM Blog Sunday, 21 October, 2018

welove: minimal oo9 – Gleichlaufartisten – Toolroom EP [wl: m oo9]

Gleichlaufartisten – Toolroom EP
[welove: minimal oo9]

fresh stuff directly from todays called so “minimal capitol-city” berlin.

their debut release for “welove: minimal” is more assigned to the deep and groovey side of minimal without loosing the pressure which is needed to be played on the dancefloors.

we: think this release will catch you immediately and you’ll subliminally listen to it over and over again.

: Tracklist

: download (right click / save as)

: A Minimalizm me [4.25]listen

: B Transresistent [3.58]listen

: C Saga of deepness [4.43]listen

release info

download large cover pdf





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