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FOEM Blog Sunday, 21 October, 2018

[xs-67] zuramone – the spiders dance

artist: zuramone
album: the spiders dance

release date: 27/09/2009
contact: myspace
cover art: back and front

Nowadays many rock musicians are used to have side projects, where they include electronics. That’s not something particulary new. We were already used to see phenomena like this in the 70s and the 80s, and it was exactly what happened with alex (aka zuramone), the drums player from the evora’s (south-west of portugal in the south-west of europe) band “lotus mecanica”. He was also drummer in the les baton rouge band and he is involved in another band with musicians from les baton rouge, great lesbian show and ideas for muscles.

When Alex sent me that music, I said to him that I was interested to hear, to see how it was like.. and so I did.. after sometime listening to it, I said to him that I was unhappy with the sound quality in terms of recording and mixing, which was something that could only get better, if it was properly recorded and mixed. But I also said that I could give it a better sounding by giving a more solid sound to the recording. And so I did. I mastered and the music was sounding a bit better (in the terms of my limitations and capabilities), and I decided to release it.

Musically we can say that Alex’s band (zuramone), is actually some sort of rockabilly stuff, and although this is not particulary very close to rockabilly, it ended by being like some sort of hybrid between some drum n bass (sometimes close to photek when the acoustic drums appears), and something close to trance music, reminding me some aproaches in shpongle. In short, hardware electronic instruments, like drum machines, synths and so on, then a couple of guitars, and some drums.. and that’s all.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did

Tiago Morgado

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