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FOEM Blog Friday, 16 November, 2018

Free Music Charts November 2009

Free Music Charts Logo
The Free Music Charts are a monthly web radio show where only open music, usually CC-licensed, is allowed to take part. The rules are quite simple: each vother can select up to five songs to vote for. The choices consist of the 15 highest ranked songs from last month and five newcomers. A song is allowed to take part for six months max, then it is being replaced by an additional newcomer.


* Atomic Horsebox – Shopping Fever hits Athlone
* Guideline – Soul will stay
* I am not lefthanded – Long Goodbyes
* Kordan – Fantasy Nation
* Letmein – Just beyond Reach (How I learned to love the Bomb)
* The Home Phonema – Landscape from the Train
* Zoe.LeelA – Destroy she says

Charts November 2009

1. Amada – Nuovi Re
2. Borrachos – Rock-Arzt
3. Das frivole Burgfräulein – Sportbeutel Killer
4. Die Schatten – Winter
4. The Leftovers – Me and you
6. Madalena Moog – Stronic Up!
7. Nina-me – After seven years love
8. Smoke Fish – Insane Inside
9. SOCIOPHOBIA – Waxworks
10. The Cold Rush – Insomnia
10. Erica Shine – Oxygen
12. Viola – We Owe Love (six month limit reached)
12. Josh Woodward – Private Hurricane
14. Diablo Swing Orchestra – Heroines
14. Cavashawn – Out Of My Mind (six month limit reached)


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