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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Michael Jackson resurrection – comeback announced

3 days after he left this planet, Michael Jackson now announced his comeback. Still camouflaged as a bad taste rumour, it is said there would be a new release. The new song would combine different aspects of Jackson`s life. It would be not just a new song, but also a resurrection of historical Jackson tunes.

According to some marketers, the whole story would fit perfectly to the orchestration of his death. The video (maybe already to be found on sites like Persian Bay) is a remake of the “Thriller” video, combined with the “Bad” lyrics. Jackson, dancing as a zombie, just being resurrected like Jesus after 3 days is singing the following text:

Because I’m back (back-back), I’m back, come on (really, really back)
You know I’m back (back-back), I’m back, you know it (really, really back)
You know I’m back (back-back), I’m back, you know it (really, really back) you know
And the whole world has no answer right now
Just to smell you once again

Thanks to you, Michael Jackson and the inbelievable influence you still have on the world of music. You always have been up for a cool bad joke. Michael Jackson, you were a teacher to all of us. We will never forget you. You stay deep in our hearts and souls.

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