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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

Music for Freedom : Make your voice heard

Artists for Freedom

Music for Freedom is a project by the Artists for Freedom network, a network of artists around the globe, gathered around the Human Rights and Freedom of Speech Issues.

Founded in July 2009 this project has already caught the attention of Dj Spooky that gave an unreleased track “Azadi (The new complexity)” to the project for free distribution under a Creative Commons License.

One of the projects that we have now is active in 2 fronts, and this is where we would like the FOEM community to get involved.

1. People record the word “Freedom” in their native language (and whatever language they might know) and send it to the project.

Our objective with this is to make, for the first time ever, one CD-lenght release of people just saying the word “Freedom”. This track, like all the material will be released under a CC License 3.0 by-nc-sa.

When submitting the recording please use the following naming specifications: (example: Florian_DE_German.wav) ;-)

2. We are asking musicians to download the already available voice samples and with them, make new tracks.

The tracks submitted will then be featured at the Music for Freedom website.

|| Submission Guidelines ||

1. You have to use at least one of the vocal tracks that say “Freedom” on your track but you can record your own.

1.1. If you record your own please attached it independently with the submission following the naming convention detailed above.

2. You should upload your track to Soundcloud and submit it to the Music for Freedom Group.

3.1 Send us a zip file with your bio, contact information and photo to foemtracks [at] artists4freedom [dot] net

To participate you must agree to submit your track under a Creative Commons License 3.0 by-nc-nd. Please include that on your mail to us.

Submissions that fail to respect these guidelines will not be made available on the website.

What do you get from submitting your tracks to Music for Freedom?

First of all, awareness and presence within a new audience.

The chance to be invited play or Dj onĀ  the multiple rallies organized all over the world that deal with Human Rights and Freedom of Speech issues.

Most important, to us and we hopeĀ  for you as well, you will be making a statement that your voice counts and you want it to be heard when it comes to the injustices that some people, that are just like us, have to suffer.

We look forward to receive your material! Please spread the word.

If you have any questions please contact us here on the Forum or at info [at] artists4freedom [dot] net

Artists for Freedom

PS: We would like to publicly thank Florian for all the support. You rock man!

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