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FOEM Blog Sunday, 16 December, 2018

German Neonazi gets copyright for the term ‘Hardcore’

A known German nazi, Timo Schubert, has recently registered the termĀ ’Hardcore’ as his trademark. They now started sending warning letters to companies selling products with the term on it.

The German patent office accepted the entry under reserve. If nobody will file an objection until a certain deadline, the brand ‘Hardcore’ will be registered trademark of the growing German and International scene of neo-nazis.

Timo Schubert is a drummer of a right winged Hate-Rock band and also runs a catalog company for things like baseball bats, blackjacks, Nazi textiles and other militaria.

Timo Schubert getting arrested in Germany, 2005

Timo Schubert getting arrested in Germany, 2005

But, furthermore, this PR gag by apparently low-brow German neo-nazis might come back to haunt them. Rumors have spread on the internet that the American porn scene is already contacting lawyers to wipe the German Nazi pack back off the map. The Eastern European and Russian hardcore porn industry is speculated to be also already polishing baseball bats. An English Gabber and Hardcore Techno addict who had tattooed the term ‘Hardcore’ on his willie is blogging about how mad he could get. He fears to have to cut it off due to legal issues. For certain, the International scene of leftist Hardcore Rock music and Heavy Metal / Punk is not amused either.

The German Nazis want to profit from the PR they got from this action. But, it is quite possible the Russian porn industry will have a talk or two with them. So, in the end there might be Timo Schubert promising to think it all over, abandon his ties to the Neo-Nazi scene and get a good boy instead, helping others and being nice to the world around him for the rest of his life.

thnx to Indymedia

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