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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Neuton insolvency

A FOEM contact has told us today about a rumour (edit: it is no rumour anymore now) that Neuton, one of the biggest music distributors, would be due to announce its insolvency on Monday, December 1, 2008. Original text: “(…) I just got the bad news today that our vinyl distributor, Neuton, will make an official announcement on Monday that they have filed for insolvency (…)” After the collapse of the japanese distributor Cisco, the whole label scene and the distributors were under extreme pressure.

We asked again and this was the reply: “We’d rather not forward the private emails, however I can say we’ve heard the news indirectly from two sources that have been in contact with Neuton at the top level. Additionally I can tell you that a US distributor sent out an email to their labels alerting to the problem with Neuton, and to expect more news soon.

I think it’s safe to say that you have heard “reliable rumors” from music industry contacts that Neuton is in trouble and will make an official announcement regarding their status this coming week.”

Neuton works with many top electronic labels, distributing music for diverse labels including Four Twenty, Tresor, Vakant, or Perlon and has worked in the past with labels like Bpitch control , Playhouse, Klang or M_nus.

Although the news is as yet unconfirmed by Neuton (we also asked them), this would be a terrible day for the music industry, and FOEM as a community of vinyl lovers is sad to hear the news. Neuton is a source of wonderful music! All this would be just one more step in the domination of the internet in new music, as rising mp3 sales continue to turn the music industry upside down.

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