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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

wave016 ~ CementO ~ No Man’s Land

May 28th, 2014


wave016 ~ CementO ~ No Man’s Land // Techno

01 ~ CementO ~ Achievement ~ 06:30 (mp3 | flac | wave)
02 ~ CementO ~ Perish ~ 05:56 (mp3 | flac | wave)
03 ~ CementO ~ Near Infinity ~ 06:13 (mp3 | flac | wave)
04 ~ CementO ~ Poseidon ~ 05:54 (mp3 | flac | wave)

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[pyr114] john collins mccormick

May 28th, 2014

ear to the world. repetition without accumulation. trying. activity without beginning or end. selfless. bored confronting boredom. patience. thoughtless. recursive. understanding over stood. annoyance. accidental purpose. inconsiderate. urgency without aim. gentle. sound as material. world to the ear.

the first album from john collins mccormick released under his own name (he has previously released albums as sky thing), is a collection of his sound sculptures that he has created and performed between 2012 and 2014. it is a patient collection. ten pieces, just over two hours of sound. it is released in conjunction with mccormick’s m.f.a. exhibition at herron school of art and design.

download here

[pyr113] eduardo rosario – obsolescencia programada

May 15th, 2014

eduardo f. rosario. san juan puerto. enjoys simple things, good food, some tv shows, books on art, politics, fiction or comics. studied composition at the conservatory of music of pr. started working with a prepared/modified guitar trying to expand the instrument’s sonic palette toward something timbrically richer and less attached to its history; in the present, working with whatever’s available, including programming (pd specifically) or found objects or places.

the pieces on obsolescencia programada were recorded and assembled using a hacked toy as the main sound source, pure data for digital sound processing, and recording software for basic finalizing. improvised processes. errors were always welcome; being understood as new possible paths instead of nuisances to be corrected.

download here

[EP074] DJ HERR – Reciprocity EP – Electronic Petz

May 15th, 2014

[EP074] DJ HERR - Reciprocity EP - Electronic Petz

Release Date: JUNE 6th, 2014


1) Reciprocity (Original Mix)
2) Spelling (Original Mix)

Tracks Previews:

Label Info:
Artist Info:

Description: Electronic Petz is more than a record label. It is an emblem made in the image and likeness of the Italian producer who lives in Paris SLOK, an artistic laboratory that defends without sound making his pitches, and the same time, serves as a platform to promote the artistic talents of his closest entourage. This new release, the number seventy-four , is signed by DJ Herr, regular artist of international electronic scene and one of the stalwarts of FACT, one of the strongest brands in the current musical framework. ‘Reciprocity’ uncorks the release with a muscular exercise endowed with certain electronic and hypnotic elements. ‘Spelling’ designs a mural of deep sounds and danceable melodies with some housy influence. A warm groove and impregnated with swing, increases gradually until reaching full emotional catharsis that comes on as a pure and bright light. Undoubtedly, a fledged whiplash emanating clubber romance everywhere. If something is seen in the usual Argentine sound schemes is an unconditional love for details and manual processing, which is why his works are manufactured with great precision. This release is a clear example of this. We will have to wait until June 6 to taste it.

Intelecto Audio – Work Rotation

May 6th, 2014

Undeniable Cutting-edge Dub Techno Masterpieces aimed straight to sophisticated DJ sets!

Featured recently in a series of outstanding releases packaged exclusively for the WMC 2014 week in Miami, besides different appearing on well known labels next to some big industry names the likes of James Holden, Dieselboy, Jamie Stevens, Luis Junior, Andre Sobota and Kosmas Epsilon only to name a few, the Uruguayan minimal and techno rising talent Intelecto Audio push edge of boundaries with every of his own productions, bringing with outstanding pearls suitable on sophisticated Dj sets and modern rooms as Work Rotation EP proves.

Opening with kind style, Motor is not least than as it called is, driving on a stomped Rhino tech rhythm over strong bass-lines, it makes an indubitably party atmosphere by tension enough and solid dynamism aimed straight to the dance-floor. Second on the list is Radar, a more melodic piece of techno track full of mysterious long pads to add a suspense touch to the ep.

Dynamic as Intelecto Audio’s characteristic style is, Radar brings fresh air and an authentic analogue music spirit to warm up memorable nights without doubt. Keeping it as tight as possible, the Uruguayan producer delivers a more dub techno tool aimed straight to forward-thinking Dj sets and rooms on the fly. Overwhelming claps, hypnotic hats and strong bass-lines are part of this majestic music journey, marked with sophistication enough to make difference in the night.

Check them out!

Intelecto Audio’s Work Rotation EP is available as exclusive pre-release on:
Intelecto Audio – Work Rotation

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[DigitalDiamonds034] Alic – In The Heat Of Delight EP

April 30th, 2014


Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds034
Format: EP
Released: April 2014

After the successful release of the album Close Distance, Alic gave the track “In The Heat Of Delight” into the creative hands of Kino Oko, Frechbax and Point.

Those guys put that track through the hoops and built three first class remixes.


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Datamatrix – Lost Segment [TMM Records]

April 29th, 2014

Artists: Datamatrix, Aimless Audio, Andy Bsk, Destroyer, John Rowe, Raptor K, Single Cell

Released by: Take More Music Records
Release/catalogue number: TMMR128
Release date: Apr 25, 2014


1) Datamatrix – Lost Segment (Original)
2) Datamatrix – Lost Segment (Aimless Audio remix)
3) Datamatrix – Lost Segment (Andy BSK Remix)
4) Datamatrix – Lost Segment (Destroyer remix)
5) Datamatrix – Lost Segment (John Rowe Remix)
6) Datamatrix – Lost Segment (Raptor K Remix)
7) Datamatrix – Lost Segment (Single Cell remix)

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[PGZTR071] Cymbol – Rain [UK]

April 28th, 2014

Sophisticated Micro-House Pearls with Techno Brushes Beats to stand Classy Crowds Up!

Cymbol is a collaboration project between Dan Knight and Anthony Watkins, whose met up undeniable music ideas to produce quality House and Techno electronic music with the occasional melodic influence as their brand new ep Rain proves.

Coming from Swansea, United Kingdom, both producers are debuting within Progrezo Records family featuring two outstanding pearls of sophisticated Micro-house spirit but Detroit techno influenced touch as a huge and solid joint venture that aims forward-thinking dance-floors and big rooms without doubt.

Rain as eps called, is an outstanding piece of track with qualities enough to warm up any kind of classy Minimal, House or Techno DJ set, driving through suspense but mysterious atmospheres built carefully over stomped tech beats, sparkle ride-hats and a series of well crafted rhythm elements to make an astonishing moment on the fly.

On the flip side a more calm but always dynamic piece of track as Diversion is, the British duo proves themselves with as one of the notorious finest electronic music producers coming from Swansea to put an eye on. Less punch on the rhythm kick but quite interesting as composition, Diversion is for sure one of those tools that fit perfectly the night with authenticity enough to make memorable when adding tension to the mix matters.

Check them out!

Cymbol´s Rain EP is available as exclusive pre-release on:
[PGZTR071] Cymbol – Rain [UK]

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[brhnet31] aAirial – ways

April 24th, 2014

aAirial - ways

The essential require some attention, that we come back. Where would the cosmic dimension of a story that offered a whole from the first listen? Do not let history. In time, as the rose that blooms, it will reveal its secrets.

Listen and Download

Available on Mp3 320 and FLAC formats.

Breathe Compilations, Mexico. 2014.

[PGZTR070] Ralph Kings – Azul

April 23rd, 2014

Outstanding tech beats dressed with classy but dynamic house elements to make tension to the mix!

Featured recently on massive releases alongside big industry names including Florian Meindl, Lutzenkirchen, Miro Pajic and Glitter only to name a few, the Spanish rising producer Ralph Kings proves himself as a forward-thinking electronic music producer to put an eye on, not only because his outstanding labels appearing but for the fresh and solid concept when producing quality electronic music matters.

As a prolific artist as is, Ralph Kings drives quite easy from subtle but hypnotic Minimal beats to up-tempo techno Rhino rhythms aimed straight to stand up the dance-floor without doubt as his new ep Azul proves.

Stomped techno beats dress up with dynamic techy-house percussive elements are not only part of his dance music bullets that bring quality tension to the mix as Routine as is, or a much more dark but introspective techno gem the likes of Principios that caves into obscure atmospheres with majestic Minimal shoots as a perfect joint venture in the night. Here are two outstanding techno tools with all the qualities to make memorable in the night.

Quite calm and much more melodic is Cae La Tarde, a Minimal-house piece of track that shine by its own. Sweet synth lines built carefully over hypnotic beats, claps and bass shoots, make the difference adding kind of smoothness – classy touch to the package. Hypnotic bass-lines with suby long shoots close the ep with memorable class as Azul proves. Sweet textures over subtle beats are layered by water drops as Ralph Kings hypnotic fingerprint style as is.

Check them out!

Ralph Kings´s Azul EP is available as exclusive pre-release on:
Ralph Kings – Azul [PGZTR070]

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