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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Winners announced: Atari Teenage Riot ‘Collapse of History’ Remix Contest

Atari Teenage Riot
Hi FOEM’ers,
There must be quite a few of you waiting for this posting, so here goes the good news. Alec Empire from Atari Teenage Riot dropped us a line today with a couple of words about the Atari Teenage Riot ‘Collapse of History’ Remix Contest, letting us know how the judging went and who are the final winners. Few of you have spotted the recently released Remixes EP, but don’t worry, the top prize of the competition is even much sweeter!
Here it goes:
“We fought, debated, hated each other, threw molotov cocktails and stones… but finally we have agreed on the winners! You should have seen the DHR office versus DIM MAK office… it was London against Los Angeles and back. Tears, mp3 files thrown around, yes, it was heated…

Finally Steve Aoki and me, Alec Empire, had a long Skype call about it. You may wonder WHY THE WAIT, WHY THE DRAMA? BECAUSE YOU, yes, YOU! SENT IN TOO MANY GOOD REMIXES! :)

Usually these things generate 50 remixes, all pretty much bad and stuff, and 5 are maybe okay or so… but in this case we had over 130 (!!!) – so again THANK YOU ALL for that!!!!!!

That’s an amazing result but made it very hard to judge on. Anyone else who is reading this, please check out ALL remixes, they go from Dubstep, Breakcore, Techno, 80s Synth, 8bit, Reggae (!!!?) to Noise and more… this is what one can do with a song!

So this is what we’re going to do. We have put the official remixes out as an EP first without the single track. You can get those now on all DSPs.

The remix competition winner is going onto the SINGLE release (to really stand out!)
So here are the chosen remixes followed by the very grand winner:

4th place goes to 8 Bit Resurrection

Congrats, you are entitled to a 1-year Lite upgrade for your SoundCloud account.
3rd goes to No One Knows Remix

Congratulations there, you will also be rewarded with a Lite upgrade for your SoundCloud account.
2nd goes to Toshihiro Ogihara HRE Remix

Congrats as well, the Lite upgrade is yours.
And… The winner is !!!!

Tits & Clits Remix

We bow before you, well done. As Alec mentioned, the remix will be released on the Atari Teenage Riot – Collapse of History, the single. Also, our mates from SoundCloud offer you a 1 year upgrade to Pro for your SoundCloud account, while will make you a Pro on their network for one month to blast about your success.
All the lucky winners of this contest, please send us an e-mail to winners[at] with the subject ‘ATR’.

Here’s what the e-mail should include:
- full contact details (your contact number, physical address, SoundCloud account)
- a single zip file containing: your biography/short story about your musical background + a hi-res photo where we can clearly see your face. If you’ve won a label release, please include your winning unmastered remix (specifications: 24 bit 48 khz with minimum 3 db headroom for mastering). All in one zip please!

Congrats for your winning, thank you for your time and looking forward to getting your e-mails in. Have no worries, as all personal data will be handled confidentially.

Great work, guys!

Alec Empire and the FOEM crew
This contest is supported by:



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  1. Stefano6884 Says:

    Haven’t heard the remixes yet, but as a general thing I can say I usually love both tits and clits, so well done!

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