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FOEM Blog Sunday, 21 October, 2018

Winners of the Mauro Picotto ‘Alchemy Records Festival’ Contest

Mauro Picotto 'Alchemy Records Festival' Contest


three winners will be having a gig at the festival, plus some more prizes. The guys who have won the gigs are:

Yerko Alejandro (Canada)
Marco Ferrantelli (Italy)
Enrico Sangiuliano (Italy)

Detailed information about the festival and line-up!

Mauro has found so much amazing music that he now offers to make a whole album on alchemy records as an extended prize.

Thank you from Mauro Picotto:

See below the tracks which have made it (its the “best of” so many submissions):

Takashi Fujimori – DROPS
Junior High – SPINNER
Roderick fox – black drum
Karl Sender 04
Eduard Gk – keep out here
string live hearing difficulty’s
Maxxis – Housewa (original mix)
Bacco Vanni – UnChic
Cristian Marin – Feel it (original vibe mix)
Fory – desilusions (original mix)
Klankarbeit – Neue Schuhe
Marius Slickersson – Translate This
Bicycle corporation – Bioparco
MOHN – Triebwerk (original mix)
mikka monotonleiter
6884 – Cavour by bicycle
Ellroy – Ketama (original mix)
Poiu – Franqschooling
Raffaele rizzi – the other side of me (original mix)

Forum discussion:

Mauro and the festival team

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Mauro Picotto 'Alchemy Records Festival' Contest

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